LawSikho breaks placement records in the January month

New Delhi (India), February 14: LawSikho, headquartered in New Delhi, is a leading ed-tech start-up that specialises in preparing lawyers and law students across developing nations for international remote jobs. LawSikho has broken previous placement records in the month of January by providing jobs, freelance work and internships to over 400 learners in a period of 1 month.

A variety of factors have led to the record-breaking success of LawSikho’s placement efforts. The legal sector is seeing a rapid recovery from the slowdown caused by the pandemic, and there is a great deal of demand for trained legal talent. Also, more businesses are formalising in India thanks to the growth of UPI and e-commerce, leading to an entirely new clientele emerging for professionals like lawyers, accountants and company secretaries. Additionally, there is a great deal of demand for Indian lawyers and paralegals in countries like the USA, Canada, UAE and Australia. There is a similar demand in Europe also, although language barriers can play a spoilsport in those countries.

120 learners bagged freelance opportunities from 38 startups and 2 international law firms. They got an opportunity to work on general contract drafting and review, investment documents such as SAFE, term sheets, privacy policy etc. Some of them were also engaged in legal blogging, academic writing, and other tasks.

65 law students who are yet to learn sufficient legal skills launched their freelance journey by working on projects such as legal transcription, translation, content writing and virtual assistantship roles.

21 lawyers and compliance professionals have received jobs in law firms, MNCs, and other organisations, including Gartner, Persistent System Limited, AARC Partners, Peritum Partners, LegalEase Solutions LLC, etc. 2 of these were international jobs from The Cowlitz Law Group, Washington and Helvetia Human Performance Group, Geneva. The student who bagged the opportunity from Helvetia in Geneva also bagged the biggest annual package at $24,000.

2 students received assessment internships at Wadia Ghandy & Co. and Lexygen Law. 102 more students received paid internships in India, the UK, USA, Australia and other countries in law firms and other organisations. 98 law students accepted unpaid internships, which may lead to paid opportunities/ jobs soon.

Since 2021, in light of the shifting job market and the rise of the gig economy, LawSikho has been training learners to take advantage of international remote freelance work. The LawSikho team has helped many lawyers to transition into international remote freelance work through platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and People Per Hour. 

“We have really stepped up our efforts on generating international opportunities for our learners. In February, we are beginning extensive marketing campaigns targeting law firms and remote startups in the USA. We hope to double our placement numbers by May. However, the next big challenge for us is how fast we can upskill more students to take advantage of these incredible opportunities.”, said Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO and Co-Founder at LawSikho.

“With the help of the LawSikho team, I was able to consult an e-commerce company based in Kenya”, said Advocate Surekha Gajakos from Mumbai.

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