Hey girl, it’s too good to be true. True False- Only D2C brand, catering to Women’s Power Dressing

February 15: In the world where everyone creates the first impression with the attire and look, we thought of creating something truly unique yet fashionable, classic and formal for women. We specialise in creating intricate designs with a modern look and true comfort so that every inch of our design lets them flaunt their true personality.

True False is a brand dedicated to creating an authentic clothing range exclusively for women giving them the ultra-luxurious vibe. Our range of fine formal blazers for women, with exclusive designs, are limited edition. We provide personal assistance and thus tailor-made all the designs to make every woman feel special in her style. We also provide an option of customised designs giving you super comfort.

We are on a mission to create an authentic clothing range for women. We provide personal assistance and tailor-made designs, to make every woman feel special in her style. We also provide an option of customising designs to give you additional comfort. At True False, you will always find exclusive designs, which are simultaneously limited edition, to make your wardrobe unique. We create blazers that reflect your true identity and augment your corporate look!

We are here to break the perspectives of what is right or wrong, and what is true or false. What we at True False manifest is that, even though the words negate each other, they point to one single thing; Reality. True to be you. Reflect on the identity that you are. Our core purpose is to set up a brand in the market where finding authentic luxury designs and apparel or raw materials is made easy and placing the brand on par with other luxury brands with the tone of “Letting people know the real taste of luxury”.

Why we created blazers is that they are flexible and immensely forgiving. They work in giving you power in formal wear. They are strong enough for corporate meetings and soft enough for brunches as well as fine-dine evenings. It stands true for every shade. But we are partial to the darks and neutrals, they have the bling for flashy nights and the class for your latest daytime business triumphs.

They also work in turning the Friday casual tee and jeans into something boardroom friendly. It never hurts to have one of our unique pieces in the back of your trunk to back you up always! Our blazers carry you perfectly from daytime to evening and is the perfect accessory for sunrise or sunset selfies.

In this world where every fashion red carpet mistake becomes the laywoman’s trend, feel free to take our blazer and define your style, and should we dare to give suggestions, visit our website, www.trueandfalse.in anytime!


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