Say Hello! To the most innovative way of perfuming!

ITC Engage introduces the uniqueL’amante Click & Brush Perfume Pen

Leads the way in innovative design thinking for fragrances in India 

New Delhi (India), February 22: ITC Engage, one of India’s leading fragrance brands,has launched its latest trendsetting innovation – Engage L’amante Click & Brush Perfume Pen for women, a new perfume paintbrush that doesn’t actually look like a perfume as we know it. The brand known for playful chemistry and romance brings alive an innovative design concept that blends sensuality of the category and practicality of application. The Click & Brush approach makes perfuming on-the-go effortless anytime, anywhere and with its soft precise brush applicator reverses the known concept of spritz before you accessorise. The genesis of this design format was the inevitable spill on fine jewellery or clothing while spritzing, especially out-of-home.

Engage L’amante Click & Brush Perfume Penin classy gold is a sleek, elegant and easy to carry accessory, ideal for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. The convenient yet stylish gel-based perfume pen enables women to directly apply on pulse points without the worry of spritzing perfume on fine jewellery or clothing. It introduces a new perfuming gesture to adapt to on-the-go.

The scent is fresh and lively, inspired by Tahiti. It is reminiscent of white driftwood by the shore to draw out the joyful expression of love. Inspired by the thought that each woman is an artist who has the freedom to embody different style strokes, the innovative, artistic perfume marries the varied style and grooming needs of the millennial women. The application is easy and convenient, can be applied on the wrist, neck or back of the ears. It consists of Bergamot & Frangipani as top notes mixed with notes inspired by the flavours of berries and blackcurrant at the heart of the fragrance. The addictive ylang-ylang notes infused with sandalwood makes the fragrance lingering and sensual.

Speaking about the launch, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said – “Engage since its inception has continuously pushed boundaries to reinvent the fragrance category with innovative formats, communication and fragrances. Insight-based design thinking is at the core of this refreshingly new Click & Brush format which not only makes for a trendsetting style statement but also brings to the fore the convenience of application and the ease of portability.  The unique perfume pen brings together the consumer need for precision-based on-the-go application as well as the desirability that defines this category. The innovation is set to change the way women engage with fragrances out-of-home while keeping it playful and stylish.”

Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador, Engage, adds, “I love fragrances but it’s difficult to sometimes carry my favourite perfume with me wherever I go. Try the Engage L’amante Click and Brush Perfume Pen! This gives carrying your scent with you a totally different spin! Carry it in your handbag to use anytime and anywhere!”

Engage L’amanteClick and Brush Perfume Penis exclusively available at Nykaa and ITC E-store at INR 1299/-. 

Brand Engage was launched in 2013 and is one of India’s leading fragrance brands. Engage brings to bear the exciting proposition of playful chemistry between a man and a woman and this has been pivotal in communicating a distinctly differentiated brand story. Mix elements at every touchpoint, including packaging, variant nomenclature for each product and communication, everything embodies the spirit of playful chemistry. Launched with a range of deodorants, Engage augmented its portfolio with Engage Cologne Sprays, a range of internationally designed perfume sprays for men and women and was the first brand to introduce the category of pocket perfumes with Engage ON. Engage L’amante is the most recent addition to the repertoire of fragrances and with L’amante Click & Brush it heralds in a new way of perfuming.

For more information visit | | @Engagedeo

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