Marwadi Financial Services unveils research-backed Pre-IPO investing solution for Indian investors

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 23: Pioneering the way forward into unlisted markets, Marwadi Financial Services now offers a research-backed solution for unlisted stocks. Such investment opportunities are often leveraged by seasoned investors, and there is no substitute for due diligence. Investing in pre-IPOs is an extensive process, and informed investors can extract value from the undertaking. The unlisted shares market in India is unorganised and has existed for quite some time now, and we have seen many good companies getting listed from being an unlisted share in the past. This category of investing is for investors who have a long-term horizon, have a strong liquidity position, and have a higher risk appetite. The higher the risk, the higher is the need to deliver a research-backed solution to investors.

Expounding on the offering, Keval Bhanushali, CEO, Marwadi Financial Services, says, “When it comes to an investment opportunity like pre-IPO investing, much of the decision relies on the investor’s risk appetite and inherently, these unlisted shares are volatile and carry liquidity risk. Fortunately, this changes when research-backed insights from reputed financial advisors come into play. Eliminating a great deal of uncertainty, a strategic approach can position investors for long-term gains. Marwadi Financial Services has created a dedicated research desk that evaluates these companies with conventional and modern valuation matrices like price to sales, cost per unit of revenue, cost of acquisition, lifetime customer value, and many more.

Through the new investing solution for the unlisted market, we are focused on providing in-depth, actionable research and investing strategies to individuals, family offices, and AIFs focused on pre-IPO investments. This step stems out of our core value that wealth creation opportunities are extended beyond a select section of individuals.”

Sharing his insights on the best practices for investors considering pre-IPOs, Akhil Rathi, Vice President Advisory, Marwadi Financial Services says, “The unlisted stocks market in India, while potentially profitable, requires foresight. Investors, both new and experienced, need the right guidance to make the right investments. Navigating the unlisted market for value demands expertise and proficiency. Not all unlisted stocks can or will translate to value. Our research strategies and protocols have enabled us to analyse this volatile landscape and find outliers that have the potential to create value.”

Actionable research on unlisted stocks can provide much-needed perspective and boost investor confidence. The advantage here is that the investor enjoys 100% allotment in high-growth companies before their public listing, effectively eliminating the possibility of missing out. Investing in unlisted shares requires investors to have a long-term horizon to avoid the common pitfalls early on.

For any investor looking to embark on this journey, it is important to consider the value brought to the table by the right financial advisor. Besides being the gateway to the unlisted market, we specialise in building portfolios that translate to profits.

About Marwadi Financial Services ( )

Marwadi Financial Services is the investment and financial services arm of the 3-decade young Marwadi Group. The group was incorporated in 1992 and has ventured into various sectors that include financial services, education and solar power. Across its verticals, the Marwadi group has witnessed steady growth and has a strong team of 2,500+ employees. The company has its spread across 97+ geographical locations across India, with over 500 partners to serve the strong community of over 4 lakh+ esteemed customers. By enabling and empowering their customers on their wealth creation journey, the company offers a wide range of financial products and services that include equity, commodity, currency, depository facilities, IPO and mutual fund distribution, and advisory services.

Marwadi Financial services is a trusted financial services solution provider. Through its robust business model, it delivers unmatched value to those seeking financial freedom. The company’s mission is to provide quality advisory services, not just to the existing set of loyal customers but to all investors across geographies in India, through innovative digital-first solutions and AI-based models. As a trusted, strategic financial partner Marwadi Financial Services is deeply committed to gaining the customer’s confidence in investing for their financial well-being.

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