Christos Tsiftisdis- The maestro Entrepreneur from Greece

February 25: Born and brought up in Greece, Christos Tsiftsidis is a young and self made Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of travel and Lifestyle Management agency “Eternity Lifestyle. Coming from a humble background and to have reached such great heights of success is what sets Entrepreneur Christos apart from various other businessmen.

Success wasn’t served on a silver platter to this Maestro Entrepreneur. Christos comes from a humble background and a family with a financial low level. As a child he was raised with Principles and strong values and that has brought him a long way. Entrepreneur Christos shares “I never had the privilege to Study in a University but that never stopped me from believing in myself, staying ambitious and having high goals. I regard myself as a faithful Student of life.”

When asked about how he started his Entrepreneurial Journey the maestro Entrepreneur Christos Shared : In the year 2012, with only 850 Euros in my pocket, my positive instinct, communication skills and my courage and determination, I moved to London to start my career in the Hospitality field, the start waa a struggle but life justified me and I got my first job at that time In one of the best Private Member clubs “Dstrkt”. At that time I still remember I only had 45 pounds left in my pocket. At the workplace I was treated like a family. They supported me with an advance payment, and then got me trained and enlightened by the best. This is how my Entrepreneurial Journey started.

Due to his emotional intelligence, sales and empathy skills, together with his passion for the Hospitality field, he got promoted into a Managerial position very soon. Thereafter In 2013 he got the offer and moved to Dubai.

Presently Entrepreneur Christos has been in Managerial roles for many years and has been participating in the Success of International F&B brands (Zuma Group ,Stk, Gotha). He is an Ace Entrepreneur and he focuses on building lost lasting Business Relationships  with Celebrities, Holywood Stars and  High Profile people, together with an International respectable Reputation.

“For a few years in Managerial Roles at the F&B , my guests were requesting from me to provide them additional Concierge Services. In 2020 I came to a realization that I do not need to be into operation anymore. So I decided to  launch my Travel and Lifestyle Management Company that provides the full Lifestyle services to HNWI and UHNWI in Dubai & Mykonos.” Shares Entrepreneur Christos when asked about how he started his first business.

When asked for the major key of his Success, he shares” Being talented and highly skilled is an advantage but the major key of taking yourself from where you are, to where you want to be, is by staying close and build relationships with people that they are more succesful than you. That is how I managed to become quickly Succesful’ by staying near Succesful people, get enlightened, adviced and taught by their life and Business experience and Succeses , that had me create the right Foundations to fulfill my own Personal life and Business Goals.

It is true what they say “Your network is your net-worth”

When asked about his future goals Entrepreneur Christos told us that :

“In the last year I was spending sleepless nights in preparation for launching two new projects and I am set to launch them by May 2022.

  1. The World’s first B2B digitalized, all in one Travel and Lifestyle Solution, Concierge software that will be available on Web, IOS and Android App Platform. This can be called as “The

Amazon of Travel and Tourism”

  1. I have decided to launch my own “Business Coach and Mentorship business”. it is made for young people who are looking to find the right career path, method, Principles and steps of Success.”

As a Self-Made Entrepreneur, Christos built himself from scratch, passed all the obstacles of life until he found the right direction. Therefore His mentorship program is something that can motivate, inspire and guide the young entrepreneurs into the realization that if you have a goal, a plan and determination in your life together with the right Strategy, everything is possible. You can get connected to Entrepreneur Christos Tsiftsidis on his Instagram here.

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