Attrition Insight through eLockr Surveys

February 28: Organizations across the globe, from nascent level startups to blue-chip companies, are experiencing not-so unprecedented attrition across all the levels of the workforce. The phenomenon which got jargonized as the #GreatAttrition was majorly attributed to the pandemic.

Even though the global pandemic is the primary cause for the #GreatAttrition, leaders across the industries have been curious about the employee-level reasons that triggered a mass employee exodus everywhere. Employee surveys thus have gained importance to understand an employee perception at different phases such as onboarding, training, appraisal, work anniversary, and deboarding.

The objective behind eLockr Surveys is to get feedback from employees who have left, and to get insights on what they feel about their previous organizations, and if there are any reasons that prompted them to leave. The hypothesis behind the design of eLockr surveys is that employees may be more honest in their responses and feedback once they have settled in their new organizations, as opposed to exit interviews on the last day when they are yet to get their experience letters and full and final settlement from the company. Anonymity will add another layer of honesty to the responses. The responses from ex-employees can form the backbone of bringing about change in the company that focuses on people, who are the real drivers of organizational growth.

eLockr survey is designed to capture qualitative and quantitative responses on below 8 parameters:

  1. Career growth
  2. Relationship with manager
  3. Compensation and benefits
  4. Training and personal growth
  5. Culture and environment
  6. Vision and mission
  7. Leadership that you can trust
  8. Work-life balance

The candidates are subjected to the survey post their FNF settlements, to capture  the most genuine and honest responses! The eLockr surveys follow all the principles of a robust reputation system using only authentic genuine exit employees details to run the survey and collecting the survey response in an anonymous way for maintaining the authenticity of the survey. 

How do eLockr surveys work?

eLockr surveys are built with customization at every step to empower the employees and organizations with ease of operations. The communication tokens (Mobile, email ID) available in the exit records issued on the eLockr platform are used to conduct the surveys.

The organization has the choice to conduct the survey in a named vs anonymous way. The survey link once triggered will take less than 2 minutes for an ex-employee to complete. Organizations are allowed customization to design, choose, and even omit questions as per their requirements.

eLockr surveys offers a survey score and a percentile to show the relative position wrt different parameters. 

Understanding the organizational attrition can be a major boon for HR teams, especially in planning and maintaining the hiring practices, solving the identified problems to reduce attrition, increasing team morale thus amplifying the overall performance!

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