#MyBodyMyLove– International Women’s Day 2022 Campaign by MadHawks

March 10: According to a 2019 S&P Global study, there is a significant correlation between firms with women leaders and above-average performance. The research concluded that firms with female CFOs and CEOs have been more profitable and have posted above-average stock performance.

At the same time, these women-led firms have developed a more diverse and inclusive work culture. Despite all of their achievements, gender stereotypes, discrimination due to race, and attire in a firm’s hiring decisions are also well-documented facts. The issue gets even worse for women. They may be discriminated against, not only for these reasons but also for their body shapes and marital status. The question is, “Do the attire and appearance affect the skill and talent in any way?”

MadHawks’ latest campaign for International Women’s Day 2022 features more than 30 social content creators and influencers who share their experiences and efforts to break the typical biases about their appearance, body, and attire. These are women who are successful in their own right, are creative, talented, and financially independent.

“At MadHawks, we take special care to have a clear lens while examining talent,” says Ravi Kumar, CEO and Founder of MadHawks. “In our experience, women have the talent to look past gender and other stereotypes, and as a result, MadHawks now employs a diverse and very talented team, more than 70% of which are women,” he further adds.

This week-long campaign will feature statements and stories from more than 40 social media and digital influencers. The campaign aims to drive a message for the women in any sphere of life to be confident about their appearance, and not let the judgements of society stand in the way of their success and happiness.

“Our latest International Women’s Day campaign #mybodymylove is all about breaking this stereotyping at hiring stations. The next generation of talent is not bound by geography or background. They often come from visibly different backgrounds, and women have been at the receiving end of this general discrimination for their appearance, despite their talent and dedication.”

MadHawks also hosted three very successful social content creators and influencers at the10 Episode of talk show MadTalks. The show hosted by Sargun Goolry, Business Head at MadHawks, garnered thousands of views within the first few hours.

MadHawks- A Digital Marketing Agency, has apparently experienced better performance from female leaders and managers. “They are definitely better at delegation and managing diversity. We have expanded to more than five different geographies and have been successfully managing the disparate client expectations despite the cultural and other barriers, thanks to the skilled women managers,” adds Ravi cheerfully.

With the current ratio of 70:30 women to men, MadHawks is likely to experience better overall performance. And not just because of having more women in the team, but because of having more talented women happily pushing the boundaries at the rapidly growing digital agency.

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