Bizpressions Is Helping Emerging Startups & Businesses Experiment With New Products

March 11: The rising Indian webstore, Bizpressions empowers emerging startups and businesses with as many raw materials possible, in affordable quantities. To help them experiment with new products or packaging materials easily, faster, and in less budget compared to wholesalers and manufacturers.

In present times of coronavirus pandemic, the upsurge in the price of raw materials and packaging materials, the reluctance of wholesalers and manufacturers have been harsh on small businesses and emerging startups. They have been unable to develop and launch new products because most wholesalers and manufacturers have been reluctant to supply raw materials or packaging materials in small quantities.

Despite the strenuous efforts, investment, time, and willingness of small businesses and emerging startups to pay double or triple the wholesale price. They have been unable to pursue the product development process seamlessly because of their inability to purchase large volumes initially. Such inability and reluctance on part of the wholesalers and manufacturers have led to the launch of online platforms like Bizpressions, to help emerging startups and businesses experiment with new products seamlessly.

Bizpressions is a website that is dedicated to helping all the 21st century small businesses and emerging startups to develop and launch new products. They can purchase required materials such as raw materials, chemicals, packaging materials, fragrances, etc. from the online marketplace.

The online platform offers small businesses and emerging startups with the same items and same quantities as most wholesalers or manufacturers would. It helps them purchase almost no minimum order quantity with a slightly higher price as compared to the wholesale price. As the customers start ordering larger quantities, the price will also start reducing subsequently.

There are plenty of B2B portals and web stores that offer raw materials or other essential goods to businesses at wholesale prices. However, most of these websites offer through third-party sellers, after adding platform fees, and some other charges. In the end, this leaves not much difference between the B2B and B2C prices. But Bizpressions offers many reasonable and affordable prices in comparison to these websites.

Nowadays, most online platforms set the final product price three times the normal product price. Then, they give 30% to 50% discount on their final product price because most customers fall for it. But most of these customers are unaware that they are paying much more than the normal price even if they are buying at discount.

The prices of all the raw materials and other products on Bizpressions are straightforward and transparent. They do not offer discounts but resonate with their price changes based on offline market rate fluctuations. This means all their business and emerging startup clientele will be paying the same rate as the offline market rate.

Bizpressions also does not offer free shipping. They charge shipping prices based on the order quantity so customers pay nothing more, nothing less. This way, their products and shipping service becomes affordable for both, their customers and themselves. Thus, enabling both of them to perform their best. Visit them at

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