IT Entrepreneur Rajat Waingankar Coming Up With The Launch Of His New App On April 2nd

New Delhi (India), March 11: Karwar-based IT entrepreneur, Rajat Waingankar has come up with a news application exclusively for Android devices. This news application will empower its audiences with all the latest regional and global news. And, will be launching on the Play Store on April 2nd this year.

In the present competitive times, staying up-to-date about all the latest regional and global happenings is crucial. Knowing all about one’s surroundings and what’s happening in the world is key to staying ahead of the competition. This also helps one plan their daily and future activities accordingly. However, with so many rising news applications and platforms, readers can often get confused about which news is reliable or not. This has led to the rise of some new-gen and informative news application platforms like Karwar Times to keep them informed.

Karwar Times is a new-generation news application and news website that will be launching in the coming April. Presently, in its beta phase, the app will be exclusively launching for Android OS devices. It will be compatible with all Android platforms and devices, including the desktop version. This Android OS-compatible news application will provide news information based on categorization. Apart from providing regional news categories, some other categories available will be Bollywood, Celebrities, etc.

The app and website users of this rising news platform will find every news relevant to the coastal city of Karwar in Karnataka, India. They can learn about some more informative news and current affairs about other happenings across the world. The app will also feature an optional quiz section for its app and website users in case they are bored of reading their news and want some thrill.

The need for regional news websites and platforms has grown tenfold in recent years. As more and more people are progressing in terms of business and careers, they feel the necessity to stay up-to-date rather than stay put. They are curious to learn more and bring a change rather than survive with the same stereotypes and false hopes. Thus, their reliance on news applications strengthens their open-mindedness and helps them dream more practically and soundly.

Currently, the app will only stay limited to Android users. Its user-friendly interface and smart construction make it a reliable choice both for youngsters and intellectual souls. The quiz section of the app makes it the app’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) indeed. It will bring good interaction on the part of most users that want to gain knowledge but in an unusual way for a change.

The founder and creator of this soon-to-be-launched news application and website, Rajat Waingankar is a YouTuber and Karwarian Vlogger. As a famous youth in his city, the IT entrepreneur is making his city proud by launching his unique news application soon. In the near future, he also plans to launch this application for iOS users. But right now, he plans to stick with the Android OS users for some time.

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