Vikas Ecotech Ltd. Bags New Orders

New Delhi (India), March 14: BSE (530961) and NSE (VIKASECO) listed Vikas Ecotech Ltd. engaged in the business of Speciality Polymers & Specialty Additives and Chemicals for Plastics & Rubbers industries, catering to a wide horizon of applications in Agriculture, Infrastructure, packaging, electrical, footwear, pharmaceuticals, automotive, medical devices and components and other consumer goods has announced that, from its Specialty Chemicals & Compounds Business division, it has recently secured fresh orders valued at about INR 65 million, adding to the healthy order book with more than 700MT of orders which will be contributing to the performance for the current financial year, closing the current fiscal with exciting numbers.

The order book consists of new up-graded versions of materials developed by the Company for renowned national and international brands keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends and performance pre-requisites updated regularly by the footwear industry.

Company’s esteemed customers include renowned OEM Suppliers for fashion Brand “Zara” namely – Bitufelt & Tej Shoetech; and “Clarks” namely Unisol India; apart from the regulars like Relaxo Footwears and many more.

Recently the company had also received orders for its Organotin Heat Stabilizer material from HIL Limited, a CK Birla Group company for application in the food grade drinking water plumbing systems, essentially the cPVC Pipes & Fittings, valued about INR 20 Million and will be completed within 20 days and more orders are expected to follow.

Vikas Ecotech Limited is the only manufacturer of the FDA approved Organotin PVC Heat Stabilizers in India, the Organotin Stabilizers are essentially a PVC additive which is fast replacing the toxic heat stabilizers conventionally used in PVC formulations.

The company had some time back also received an approval and the first bulk commercial order for the Flame Retardant Additive from the E V conglomerate the Renowned “Olectra Green-Tech Limited.” Olectra Greentech Limited- a subsidiary of MEIL Group is the India’s largest Pure Electric Bus manufacturer having manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad. With the receipt of this order, the company has accomplishevd complete revival of the Organotin domestic customers and business post the disruptions caused during the pandemic situation. Though an export of Organotin Material is also being pursued aggressively and is expected to start contributing again in company’s topline in 2-3 months down the line.

Vikas Ecotech Limited is the only manufacturer of the FDA approved Organotin PVC Heat Stabilizers in India, the Organotin Stabilizers are essentially a PVC additive which is fast replacing the toxic heat stabilizers conventionally used in PVC formulations.

Vikas Ecotech Ltd. is a New Delhi based company. Vikas Ecotech is the only manufacturer of Organotin (Heat Stabilizers for Vinyl applications) in lndia with in-house R&D facilities and is one of the single digit number of manufacturers of this product worldwide, who have technology and expertise for manufacturing this material right from Tin Metal to the final product.

Vikas Ecotech is expanding its business and product portfolio has added many consumer (final) products to its conventional (raw material businesses) profile. The new business segments include Infrastructure Products like Steel Pipe Fittings, MDPE Pipes for Gas applications to its business lines.

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