Goodness Score- Redefining Recruitment

New Delhi (India), March 14: How do you choose between two equally skilled candidates? Are technical abilities enough to find a good fit for the organization? These questions could flummox the common man, but such dilemmas constitute a challenging and exhausting part of a Human Resource (HR) expert’s daily life. Surprisingly, the best job search engines in India have not paid adequate attention to the prolonged woes of the hiring industry. 

Until GoodSpace came up with a proprietary algorithm that offers a two-pronged solution focused on simplifying the recruitment process through the non-cognitive strengths of potential candidates.

Better known as the ‘Goodness Score’, the users of the GoodSpace app can add a humanizing dimension to their job profile via feedback from former employees, friends, and family members. In addition, users present on the platform can submit feedback of their previous colleagues as well as request them to provide feedback for their profile.

Based on industry research and HR insights, GoodSpace has pre-defined seven parameters to simplify the feedback process namely Team Work, Friendliness, Helpfulness, Honesty, Reliability, Truthfulness & Kindness. Once rated, the algorithm works to calculate a ‘Goodness Score’ of the candidate, which is publically visible on their profile.

The score translates into insight into the individual’s behavior, which forms the foundation of any good corporate team. The recruiter still has to corroborate the technical prowess, but now he/she can easily map if the candidate’s ethics and priorities are aligned with the work environment. While the candidate has a better chance to hone his skills with a learning attitude, the recruiter can skim through the personalities that do not fit the bill.

The Goodness Score integrates technical abilities with behavioral parameters, which allows the recruiter to find the right fit with minimum effort. This is why one could term the GoodSpace algorithm as the pioneer of the HR revolution because, in a way, you get to know the individual before the first interaction, which provides a major edge in a world that runs on virtual interactions, calendar alerts, and a haystack of potential candidates.

Founded in 2020, GoodSpace is a new-age platform for global recruitment that connects potential candidates with millions of employers. Under their proprietary algorithm called ‘Goodness Score’, the startup continues to make waves in the hiring industry and aims to highlight the need of prioritizing an individual’s behavioral aspects equivalent to their technical abilities. Goodspace is led by Vinay Pasricha, Founder and Former Chairman of WLC College, and consists of renowned startup leaders in their Advisory Board such as Peyush Bansal, CEO, and Ajit Singh. Former Senior Advisor, Tata Trust.

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