Creative Crafter, Lovable Husband & Supportive Father

March 16: Mr. Atul Tiwari a Zonal Head of Aditya Birla Finance Limited. He has a profound experience of working in the mortgage industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Development and Team Management from Doctor Bhimrao Ambedkar University, and Agra University.

His background lies in the field of Business Relationship Management, Banking, Business Development and Team Management. He also has a Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction. He is extremely mindful and competitively approachable. He has a keen interest to be in tune with the latest digital technology and widespread use of technologies.

He has successfully presented and lead more than 15 strategic projects in his departmental journals and conferences. He has vastly improved the productivity of his team and company and has ensured a substantial work-life balance.

Atul supremely believes in mindfulness, courage and determination to turn information into action, and he says all these qualities are the golden keys to success.

His leisure activities and hobbies rests in Yoga, Meditation, Cricket, Music and Reading.

Atul is a family oriented person. He intensely enjoys Reading and he conceives that the knowledge, perspective that reading provides has significantly strengthened his skills and presentation abilities. He has been fortunate in raising a family despite losing his own parents at an early age.

A father spends his evenings watching Tv, but tells his kid he should read more. But Atul is not a father like that. He tells his son to share and be generous with what he has. His cute kid is a Child Model and he has happily taken the responsibility for his behavior and choices. It’s really hard these days to give appropriate behavior for your kids all the time, and no one is expecting you to be perfect. But Atul strives to mirror the rules and behaviors he wants his son to follow. He shows his kid how to obey household rules and explains how these will help him later in life. He allows his kid to be compassionate in life and empathetic to others too. Developing a solid work ethic is a life skill every kid needs. Whether it is working hard in school or at his modeling job, Atul ensures his son has a good work ethic. Atul says by instilling these qualities, it benefits both parents and kids @iTiwariAtulis.

He attributes his achievements and accomplishments to his capabilities to plan, schedule and handle many different tasks at once. He relishes meeting new people and finding unique ways to help them in having an uplifting experience, though he himself got a few opportunities in his career. He is a dedicated, outgoing individual and a team player.

Atul considers that flexibility always helps in progressing at working life where we deal with many different personalities and learning styles. Layered by outdoor, travel, adventure, surf, lifestyle and Social Awareness subjects, Atul is inclined towards Social Media while striving to share his vision, opinions and ideas with millions of people, and to inspire them for exploring themselves @iTiwariAtulis.

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