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Dr Randeep Nanda delves deep into the root causes of any chronic disease to find out the physical and mental factors impacting his patient’s health and plan treatments accordingly!

23 years of experience in homeopathy

Treats chronic diseases

Implements the concept of Heart and Soul

 July 26: Homeopathy is one of the most effective traditional treatments that has recently gained huge popularity worldwide. With the major contributions of homeopathic medicines in treating chronic and terminal diseases, many people prefer to opt for this treatment process over allopathy or immediate surgery. Recently came across Dr. Randeep Nanda, who has successfully revolutionised the world of homeopathic medicines and treatments through a unique approach.

Doctor Nanda’s homeo clinic is more of a place where physical, mental, and spiritual health are amalgamated to find a more effective and better solution for any disease. During his interview, Dr. Randeep Nanda stated how the power of homeopathy deeply influenced him at an early age. After he had studied a few cases and read about different research papers, he got eager to know more about this field of medicine. Perhaps that shaped his dreams and objectives of becoming a homeopathic doctor and offering the best of services to his patients.

Doctor Nanda has medical and ethical experience of 23 years, during which he achieved numerous milestones and became successful in severe to critical cases. Instead of solely relying on medicines and drugs, he focuses on implementing a holistic approach where the treatment plan can focus on mental, psychological, physical, and spiritual health. It is due to this unique process of treatment that doctor Nanda became successful in offering the best of the best medical service to everyone approaching him with their health problems.

When asked about the cause of undertaking such a unique approach of heart and soul, doctor Nanda provided a very simple but impactful answer. He said that when a doctor runs clinical tests on his patient, the results show any discrepancy or problem in the physical health. However, several studies from different medical research institutions around the world reveal that our physical and mental health are connected on many deeper levels than we can comprehend. As a result, if someone wants to treat their physical condition, it is imperative to consider their mental or psychological condition. Without it, the problem can get solved, but the longevity will be temporary. After all, the physical disease will record periodically if the root cause is not removed permanently.

This is where Dr. Randeep Nanda introduces the concept of heart and soul. According to him, most times, chronic diseases result from mental turbulences, social issues, depression, insomnia, anxiety, bad lifestyle habits, and so on. Therefore, to treat the medical condition, one must first eradicate the root cause of the psychological behaviour. The benefit of doing so will soon follow, and patients can find significant improvement since the beginning of the homeopathic treatment.

He also released two books on homeopathy where he has successfully described the relationship between medicines and physical and mental health in a human being. Apart from this, he bears multiple recognitions like the International Hahnemamm Award in 2006 or the honour from the department of homeopathic medical science, Pebble Hills University, Italy. Being such a prestigious personality, Dr. Randeep Nanda has established a well-known clinic to help people get relief from chronic and terminal diseases through homeopathic treatment. He is doing everything within his bandwidth to improve the homeopathic industry and spread awareness about its potential to everyone.

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