GM Launches New Pedestal Fans ALLURE and New colour series in Odyssey Premier Ceiling Fan

Allure Pedestal Fan

New Delhi, August 26: GM Modular is one of the largest home electrical companies in India and has become a household name when it comes to switches and home automation. The brand continues to expand its product portfolio with innovative products and brings comfort and convenience to every home in the country and across the world.

Continuing its legacy of delivering good air, GM is happy to announce the newest addition to its range of pedestal fans. The Allure pedestal fan is an excellent mix of attractive design and exciting features. The fan can rotate 180 degrees, delivering air to every corner of the room. Additionally, the fan is equipped with a powerful motor and high-grade copper for superior air delivery. Moreover, with the remote control, you can easily control the fan and adjust its speed and direction from the comfort of your couch. The touch panels on the other end are beautifully designed and are easy to operate. This super energy-efficient fan also comes with a rust-proof body & blades for longevity.

GM has also launched a new colour series of Odyssey Premier Ceiling Fan. Three new colours have been added to the basket, namely Blue Chrome, White, Black and White Wengy. The colours not only give the fan a premium finish but also gives more options for consumers to match with their interiors.

Mr. Satish Narayan, HOD – Fans, GM Modular, says, “Odyssey premier fan comes with extra copper, anti-dust technology and a powerful motor with high-grade copper. Additionally, it has aerodynamically designed blades with ribs for superior air delivery attached with pre-lubricated closed-type double ball bearings. Along with this, a safety screw is provided on the shaft to prevent the fan from falling. Additionally, blade and body sandwich assembly is unique in the whole industry of fans. In this fan, an elongated shank is given for better grip. To prevent corrosion, resistance rubber pads are also there on the top cover. To make it visually pleasing, the precise minimal aesthetic of the swirl pattern on the bottom disc is also given to these fans. Odyssey not only offers quality, but it also adds a touch of beauty and elegance to your home.”

The CEO & MD of GM Modular, Mr Jayanth Jain, said, “We are going to launch five new products in August and many more by 2022 in the category of ceiling fan, pedestal fan and ventilation fan. Unique design and magnificent colours with premium quality are the key features of the upcoming GM product. Adding to this, Mr. Jain says, “This fiscal year, GM is expecting a 25% business growth in the category of Fans.”

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