Jogani Reinforcement adds new Plaster Mesh to its vast range of industrial reinforced products

The Indian government gives utmost priority to the country’s building and infrastructure and is investing a lot of money in its development. But, without durability, investment in infrastructure development is meaningless. A top provider of reinforcement and crack control material, Jogani Reinforcement, understands this well and hence introduced an innovative and improved engineering fabric called, Plaster Mesh.

Natural construction materials are scarce and there has been a shortage in their supply since demand is growing but resources are limited. A substance that provides durability is required, during a period of such short supply. Durability is the resilience of goods, materials, structures, and other constructed assets against deterioration over time.

Moreover, the manufacture of replacement construction materials depletes natural resources and can pollute the air and water.  On the other hand, a durability enhancement materials benefits the environment by saving resources, decreasing waste, and lowering the environmental effect of maintenance and replacement.

Another important issue is the formation of cracks, which adversely affects the durability and hence sustainable development. In fact, it’s a major issue that needs an effective solution.

Keeping all this in mind Jogani Reinforcement has enhanced Plaster Mesh to help construction companies boost durability and control cracks.

Jogani® Plaster Mesh, also called Jogani® Glass Fiber Mesh, comes with ARACC Technology, vital for cement-based applications.  It is produced from fiberglass yarn and covered with an alkali-resistant acrylic co-polymer coating. The product is an inorganic, non-metallic substance with exceptional mechanical qualities. The Plaster Mesh improves the mechanical strength of internal and exterior joints and plastering. It also prevents cracks and damage. Plaster meshes are extremely flexible and have high tensile strength. They are compatible with all construction materials and admixtures.

Because of its high tensile strength, aging resistance, and resistance to acids, salt, and alkali, this fabric is an excellent choice for all types of reinforcement and crack control in construction applications.

Waterproofing contractors in India highly value the use of Jogani® Waterproofing mesh in various waterproofing techniques. Jogani® Fiber Glass Mesh is commonly used to strengthen natural marble, man-made pebble materials, exterior insulation, and wall seams.

Jogani Plaster Mesh is a high-grade fiberglass mesh that is antibacterial and does not disintegrate or rust. Soft and flexible fabric-like material has high tensile strength and can withstand heavy loads without distortion.

Architects may employ Jogani Plaster Mesh, a super fabric, to build various forms and shapes.  Jogani® Fiber Glass Mesh can be found in plastics, electrical components, and a variety of other sectors.

Jogani Reinforcement is a division of the Jogani Group, a broad commercial conglomerate with a reinforcement-focused product portfolio. The Group has been in operation for 15 years. It offers cost-effective yet high-performance engineering steel fibres and reinforcement fabrics and solutions for reinforcing and other industrial needs in national and international markets.

Jogani Reinforcement has received several national and international honours and recognitions. The company is continuing to expand its leading stake in the industrial reinforcement market, which includes the building and infrastructure sectors, thanks to continual research and innovation. Jogani Reinforcement is proud member of many trade and industries associations including The American Concrete Institute, the Federation of Indian Exporters, the Indian Merchant Chambers, and the Indian Society for Structural Engineers. Please visit to contact Jogani Reinforcement.

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