Sukhiya Ki Duniya, a one-of-a-kind Hindi story book released for teaching children the art of happiness

A one-of-a-kind Hindi children’s book Sukhiya Ki Duniya has been released for teaching children the art of happiness and positivity. Sukhiya Ki Duniya is about a character named Sukhiya who symbolises happiness and will help teach children the art of staying happy and positive. “Sukhiya Ki Duniya” has been written with an ambitious vision of helping raise a happier and a more positive generation and rerouting children’s inclination towards our national language, Hindi.

Sukhiya Ki Duniya has been written by Niharika Chaturvedi. Niharika is an Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, IIM alumna and Founder of AttrAct (empowers people to live better and more positive lives). This is her second book and first children’s book.

Sukhiya Ki Duniya is a story that revolves around a little girl Sukhiya & her delightful adventures.  She knows the art of being happy and staying positive in any circumstance and has increased the happiness quotient of her village!

Sukhiya symbolises happiness. Known for finding joys in the least of things, she can be the “happiness” mascot for the GenZ kids today.  A bundle of joy with laughter so contagious that she sprinkles a bit on everyone. She has a zeal to make the world around her a cheerful place!

Sukhiya Ki Duniya has been created keeping in mind a few essential things necessary for future generations. The world today is full of stress & anxiety, which will only increase if kids today are not taught to live differently. Differently because somewhere, we have lost our natural way of living.

Sukhiya, the happiness mascot in the book Sukhiya Ki Duniya will teach kids, not only the art of staying happy in any situation but also the fact that staying happy should be the natural way of our living. Apart from teaching happiness and positivity, Sukhiya will also teach kids the power of other attributes like following;

  • Looking for happiness and staying happy in any circumstance
  • Finding positivity in every little thing.
  • Living in the moment & being grateful for what we have.
  • Being content.
  • Turning an adverse tide to finding the brighter side to life.
  • Respecting nature & its ways.
  • Respecting elders & our culture
  • Visualising & attracting happiness.

The book has been published by Evincepub, and is now available on Evincepub and globally across all major platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle.

Sukhiya Ki Duniya also aims to help develop an inclination towards Hindi in GenZ kids. From Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, and Snow White to Harry Potter, we always have handed over and have preferred giving children English books to read since childhood to the present day. Sukhiya Ki Duniya, has been written in Hindi and intends to change our perception. The purpose is precise, to conceive the next generation of kids to respect, know and choose Hindi as a language.

In future, Niharika is planning sequels to her book and also working on various other mediums to reach the maximum number of children and teach them the art of happiness and help in raising a more positive and happier generation.

Author’s vision for her character Sukhiya is to make her someone idolised by children as the happiness mascot who symbolises positivity. Sukhiya can be their superhero whose superpower is to spread laughter and happiness. Sukhiya can also be a catalyst in inculcating values in our children & from very tender age help mould kids into fine human beings. Kids will learn basic life-related lessons, like; inculcating the art of having a positive outlook towards life & practising it daily, respecting elders, animals, plants, our culture & universal laws, developing an attitude of love & gratitude & understanding the importance & power of meditation, visualisation etc.  The book will also help take kids back to the roots of our rich culture and introduce kids to our villages and the bonds people share.

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