Operated by Renowned Dr Ashwani Bansal, Chief Cardiac Surgeon Indus International Hospital; First Time of its this kind in North India

Chief Cardiac Surgeon Indus International Hospital

India, 20th October 2022: Dr. Ashwani Bansal MBBS (AIIMS, Delhi), MS (AIIMS, Delhi), March CTVS (AIIMS, Delhi) at Indus International Hospital Dear Bassi Mohali did a successful surgery on a 5-year girl as she was admitted in the hospital under the ESI Scheme of Government of India the operation was done Free of cost.

Speaking on this successful operation for the first time in North India without any Bone cut from a small cut in Armpit, Dr. Ashwani Bansal, Chief Cardiac Surgeon Indus International Hospital, Dera Bassi (Mohali) Punjab, said we routine do many Minimally Invasive Adult and Pediatrics Heart Surgeon, but since this was a complicated procedure with the expert advice of the doctors and Indus Team, we are able to operate the five years old Girl.

Notably, Dr. Bansal also said that now patients with heart holes from entire North India will be able to have heart surgery without an incision in the chest. Not only this, the patients whose ability to function of the heart is weak, their surgery can also be done easily.

Renowned Dr. Ashwani Bansal, a heart surgeon trained in Poland and worked in AIIMS for 15 years. Dr. Ashwani is an expert in Minimal Invasive Heart Surgery in Chandigarh, having experience with 18000 heart surgeries. Dr. Bansal has performed complex heart surgeries on children and adults.

What is a hole in the heart, and how it affects the growth of a child: –

A hole in the heart (ASD) leads to swelling of heart chambers and an increase in the pressure of the lungs. This leads to recurrent chest infections in the child with poor weight gain and growth retardation. A child with the above symptoms should be taken to a specialist doctor, and a heart checkup should be done. 

If the treated early child can have a normal life like any other child.

How to avoid surgery in a child with a hole in the heart: – 

Children with small hole hearts with minimal symptoms can be followed with repeat echo tests. Small holes in young children can close with time and may not require surgery. 

Kids with large heart holes but good margins around the hole can have device placement like stenting. 

What are different techniques of surgery, and how to minimize scar from surgery: – 

Large holes in the heart with insufficient margins will always require heart surgery. There have been significant advances in techniques of heart surgery. 

Heart hole surgery can be done by an old open technique with a full cut in the chest bone, and this leads to a long permanent scar on the front of the chest. 

There is another technique of giving cuts under the breast, but this also leads to visible scars and sometimes hampers breast development. The New Transaxillary technique of heart surgery is revolutionary as there no scar is visible from the front, and the child recovers faster with minimal pain. 

The success of the entire operation also goes to the Cardiac surgery team at Indus Derabassi also includes expert doctors like PGI-trained senior anesthesia expert Dr. Jogesh Agarwal, PGI-trained heart surgeon Dr. Ankit Singhal, another anesthesia expert Dr. Arjun Joshi with dedicated ICU care specialist Dr. Sidharth.

For more information, please visit: https://www.abheartcare.com/


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