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Check out this unique experiential resort with a period theme: 3102bce – A Vedic resort in Vagator

North Goa, March 2: Imagine stepping into a resort that teleports you back in time to the prehistoric Vedic era, a place that depicts the fascinating and enlightening aspects of our cultural legacy. Get set for an amazing experience when you step into 3102bce, a designer boutique resort in Vagator, Goa, tucked away in a lush landscape and seeped in the feel of a bygone era. This magnificent boutique property offers an experience that lies beyond the boundaries of a typical hospitality experience.

In India’s ‘Itihas,’ the name of the resort is significant since the year 3102 BCE marks the conclusion of Lord Krishna’s amazing ‘Leela’ as Lord Vishnu’s Avatar and the beginning of the ‘Kalyug,’ our current era. As you explore the resort’s architecture that pays homage to the prehistoric structures, you’ll notice patterns & designs reminiscent of the ruins found in the Indus-Saraswati plains. The spirit of the boutique resort is to provide guests with an insight into the fascinating facets of a culture that also has deep philosophical roots. Bit by bit, the property reveals itself as you move around and experience an ancient civilization that has long been shrouded in myth and legend.

The heart of 3102bce is ‘The Great Bath,’ which sits in the centre of the resort’s courtyard. As soon as you step through the central courtyard, the soothing ambiance will set the tone for your stay. There is a Krishnachura (Gulmohar) tree that provides shade and shelter, creating the perfect spot for reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea. On sweltering days, visitors can soak their feet in the courtyard’s many small water features, known as Kunds, to cool down.

As night falls and the sun begins to set over the courtyard, ‘The Great Bath’ transforms into a fine-dining restaurant, offering guests a taste of India’s rich culinary heritage. Dine under the stars and take in the ambiance that’s both romantic and unforgettable. Additionally, the terrace level at 3102bce offers modern amenities like the swimming pool (Hauda) and a private party area (Chajja). The ‘Chajja’ also serves as ‘the workout terrace’ and offers a range of fitness activities like free-hand exercises, callisthenics & yoga. You can also try out the invigorating traditional Indian workout with the ‘Mugdar’.

The quaint little Curio Shop called ‘Pitara’ is a treasure trove of unique and unusual items. For corporate & social functions, there is the banquet hall – Dholavira.

Without deviating from its strong experiential theme, this 37-room resort offers all the required comforts, including a variety of room options to the patrons. The ground floor has four cosy rooms with Jacuzzis and sit-outs surrounded by lush landscaping. The luxurious ‘Lothal’ suite is spacious, featuring a private pool and party deck, making it ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends who want to enjoy some quality time together. The rooms on the terrace level have a view of endless treetops, a true oasis of peace and tranquillity.

The decor of the rooms is inspired by the ancient era and adorned with ‘Indus Saraswati valley’ inspired artefacts & paintings alongside modern conveniences and furnishing. The contours, patterns, colours, and symbols employed in designs are inspired by the sublime culture and legacy and reflect the prehistoric Vedic way of life. The writings on the plaques narrate the tale of the ancient Vedic people and highlight their worldview, wisdom, and contributions to human civilization. You have no choice but to feel intrigued, inspired, and renewed.

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