AI-driven Innovation to revolutionize document processing: X-BIZ DIGIVISION.AI launches ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ with AI Combo Package

X-BIZ DIGIVISION.AI Unveils ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ AI Combo Package

New Delhi (India), October 13: X-Biz Techventures DIGIVISION.AI, a popular Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision enabled solution for Indian BFSI Sector has launched a groundbreaking product named the ‘Offline Vision Engine’.  This innovative product will revolutionize how businesses handle Aadhaar (Masking), KYC & Customer Onboarding. Specifically tailored for financial institutions, it promises enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and highly precise document processing.

This AI Combo Package encompasses six essential components: Document Classification AI, Aadhaar Masking AI, Image Compression AI, Digital Sign and Physical Signature Verification AI, and Face Verification AI which offered for unlimited usage as a product. This combo package can significantly reduce the operational cost of Customer Onboarding, KYC, Adhaar masking including historic data.  Compression AI can significantly reduce the storage can be used along with Document Classification AI. 

In today’s competitive business environment, document processing costs have been a major obstacle due to the costly ‘Pay-Per-Read Transaction model.’ This model poses significant challenges for large organizations managing substantial document volumes, resulting in substantial expenses. Moreover, relying on the internet for document processing exposes companies to data security risks. Essentially, the conventional approach has become both costly and susceptible. 

To tackle these issues, DIGIVISION.AI’s ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ offers a game-changing solution. It overcomes these industry challenges by providing unlimited usage without relying on the internet, thereby eliminating data security risks. Through a fixed pricing model, businesses can achieve cost-effectiveness in their document processing, meeting their diverse needs without incurring additional expenses.

Mr. Dipak Nair, a distinguished industry leader with 20+ years of experience. He shared the vision behind this launch, explaining, ‘Financial institutions face challenges like high processing costs, internet dependence causing delays, scalability limitations, and data security concerns. Our AI solutions tackle these issues by providing unlimited usage at a fixed cost, removing the uncertainties of pay-per-read models, and delivering a secure, scalable, and cost-effective document processing solution.’ 

X-Biz Techventures has transformed document processing in India’s BFSI, NBFC, Healthcare, and other sectors. They have successfully protected over 140 crores+ Aadhaar pages, achieving an impressive 98% accuracy rate in masking Aadhaar numbers. Their Document Classification and Indexing system ensures identify document type and the classification of the files so that they are easily accessible. They have classified 112 crores+ documents, showcasing their expertise in managing large volumes of database.

In conclusion, the ‘Pay-Per-Read Transaction’ models burden businesses with high document processing costs and security risks. X-Biz Techventures DIGIVISION.AI’s ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ with their AI Combo Package, eliminates these issues by offering unlimited offline transactions at a fixed cost. X-Biz Techventures is changing document processing for the better, providing cost-effectiveness and security to businesses across sectors.

For further details about X-Biz DIGIVISION.AI’s ‘Offline Vision Engine & Aadhaar Masking’ and the Combo Package, visit: Offline-Vision-Engine.”

For organizations seeking a comprehensive solution in document management, X-Biz Techventures also offers ‘DigiDrive-DMS’. This innovative platform is disrupting the Document Management Space with its Next-Gen Centralized Document Management System, promising heightened efficiency, organization, and accessibility. To explore more about DigiDrive-DMS, visit: ‘DigiDrive-DMS‘.

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