Metadee Launches Viva Synth, India’s first generative AI for the edutech sector

New Delhi (India), October 21: Metadee, a leading technology company, announced the launch of Viva Synth, India’s first on Neural Processor model. The model is designed to enhance the learning experience of students across the country. With Viva Synth, students can now learn with ease, speed, and accuracy.

This innovative model is a significant leap forward in digital learning. It provides students with a safe and engaging platform to learn and grow. With Viva Synth, students can access a wide range of learning materials, including videos, articles, quizzes, and more.

Metadee focuses on developing technology that enhances the quality of education in India. With the launch of Viva Synth, the company is taking a significant step in this direction. This model is an example of the company’s commitment to the Digital India initiative, which aims to make India a leader in the digital space.

“We are thrilled to launch Viva Synth, India’s first on Neural Processor model. This is a milestone achievement for Metadee as it shows our dedication to transforming education in India,” said a spokesperson for Metadee. “We believe that Viva Synth will be a game-changer for students in terms of their learning experience.”

The launch of Viva Synth comes at a time when hybrid work has made it harder for students to stay focused on their education. With Viva Synth, students can learn from anywhere at any time, making it easier to achieve their academic goals.

Metadee’s partnership with Studentink, a leading educational platform, further strengthens the company’s mission to provide quality education to students across India.

Metadee is committed to innovation and technology that benefits society at large, and the launch of Viva Synth is just one example of this commitment. The company will continue to develop new and innovative technologies that improve the quality of education in India and beyond.

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