Anita Goel defies Artistic Constraints, her knives infusing Canvases with Raw Energy

New Delhi (India), April 2: Art and philosophy intertwine with kaleidoscopic power in Anita Goel’s “Avataran,” an exhibition poised to captivate audiences at Floor One Juhu, presented by The Osmosis Guild.

In the aftermath of the British Raj, while India underwent significant transformations, the art education systems remained entrenched in conventional practices, which persist to this day. However, Anita Goel sought to challenge these norms, aiming to revolutionize the homogenous style perpetuated by the Western academic tradition.

Anita’s artistic vision extends beyond the confines of traditional canvases, as she explores the profound potential of painting knives and unconventional mediums. Departing from the notion that art must convey a predefined message, Goel’s work delves into the realm of abstraction, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with her creations at an intimate level.


Evolving from her previous series, ‘Udaan,’ Goel’s “Avataran” features distinctive canvas shapes and vibrant color palettes that beckon viewers to delve deeper into the intricacies of each piece. The exhibition challenges the conventional narrative surrounding art, encouraging audiences to embrace ambiguity and engage in dynamic conversations with the artwork.

Anita Goel invites viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and contemplation at Floor One, a 2000 successful creative conscious community space, which aims to foster a community of artists in collaboration with The Osmosis Guild in Juhu.

“Avataran” serves as a testament to the enduring power of art to provoke thought, inspire creativity, and transcend cultural boundaries.

Dive into an evening of artistic innovation at Floor One Juhu, where traditional norms are left behind. Experience the transformation of canvases into immersive narratives that challenge perceptions from April 5 to 21.

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