Sampa Paul’s Faces and their hidden Facets

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], April 2: Kolkata-born fine artist Sampa Paul presents a captivating exhibition at the Nehru Centre AC Gallery in Worli, Mumbai from April 3, delving into the intricacies of human nature. Drawing from her observations and experiences, Sampa Paul’s artworks offer a glimpse into the hidden facets of the human psyche.

During her time at Art College, Sampa Paul became fascinated by the idea of masks, symbolizing the dual nature of individuals—their public persona and their inner selves. This fascination became the cornerstone of her artistic expression, as she began to explore the complexity of human character through her work.

Sampa Paul’s journey took a significant turn with motherhood, which heightened her sensitivity and deepened her connection to her art. Nature, with its ever-changing beauty, became a recurring motif in her paintings, reflecting the evolution and fluidity of women’s identities.

Central to Sampa Paul’s artistic narrative are women and flowers, which she intertwines to convey layers of emotion and depth. Through vibrant colors and intricate details, Sampa Paul captures the essence of love, pain, and forgiveness, hidden within the gaze of her subjects.


For Sampa Paul, an uncovered face symbolizes more than just physical beauty—it represents the vulnerability and authenticity that lie beneath the surface. Through her work, she seeks to uncover the true essence of womanhood, portraying her subjects as enigmatic yet inherently captivating beings.

In Sampa Paul’s exhibition, viewers are invited to contemplate the complexities of human nature and to appreciate the beauty found in vulnerability and authenticity. Through her evocative portrayals, Sampa Paul encourages us to peel back the layers of facade and connect with the profound depths of the human spirit.

Yours to join Sampa Paul and explore the intricacies of her works alongside her. And come home enlightened!

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