Innovative Pune Startup is Building New-age Digital Wallet to Manage Documents

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 07: Throughout time, documents have often adhered to the adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Yet, in an increasingly digitized world, this sentiment rings truer than ever before. In the current scenario of technological advancements and the proliferation of digital information, the need for efficient document management solutions has never been more pressing. To address the challenges associated with the same, a remarkable application is generating significant interest within the market.

At present, where digital documents are becoming the norm, Zoop Wallet emerges as a beacon of efficiency and reliability. Its superiority over traditional solutions like Digilocker lies not in diminishing their value, but in offering a more user-centric approach to digital document handling.

The app excels in providing a platform for storing documents from various sources, like file manager, gallery and other apps, and even their authorised partner Digilocker. Additionally, it boasts a powerful AI powered document scanner that enables users to digitize physical documents with ease. 

What truly distinguishes this app is its intuitive interface that allows for easy organisation of documents into predefined categories like Health, Finance, Travel etc. with custom tags, ensuring that finding the right document is lightning-fast. Further, it allows users to store their family members’ documents, improvising the way family-related documents are managed. 

Moreover, Zoop Wallet offers editing tools, facilitating users to make necessary changes to their documents within the app itself. With secure sharing, users can have peace of mind knowing that they have full control over who, when, and where their documents are shared, whether it’s via email or WhatsApp.

With its user-centric approach and emphasis on security and efficiency, it sets a new standard in document management.

Founder & CTO Vijay Chhuttani envisions Zoop Wallet as more than just a document management app. He believes in the power of user-permissioned sharing of data and documents to enable quick and secure transactions in different spaces such as digital lending and insurance tech. 

He outlined the integration of AI via Smart Assist, aimed at transforming document management. By harnessing advanced AI capabilities, it will categorise documents intelligently and provide timely prompts tailored to context, with the goal of simplifying document handling.

Vijay’s vision is encapsulated in his statement, “Overarching the ‘Unified Document & Data Interface’ ethos, Zoop Wallet envisions to eventually facilitate consensual sharing of data & documents to enable minimal-click & secured sharing of verified information for quick-fastening journeys including digital lending & insurance tech.”

As Zoop Wallet plans to roll out its epic user-controlled data and document sharing workflow, it envisions addressing critical pain points that haven’t been acknowledged so far-

1. Difficulty in organising vital personal documents across various platforms

2. Anxiety regarding the security of sharing personal and sensitive data

3. Overwhelm due to the repetitive process of submitting KYC information

By centralising documents in a single, easily accessible platform, the app seeks to eliminate the need for cumbersome workflows that demand repetitive and insecure KYC hassles, reducing the risk of information overload. Eventually, it foresees emerging as “A Smart Document Wallet for individuals that will not only allow users to store and manage their documents but will instead enable seamless sharing of their documents (data) with other individuals and businesses!”

Unlike other document management apps that may compromise user data for commercial gain, Zoop Wallet envisions operating on a consensual basis, giving users full control over what information they choose to share. This commitment to transparency and user empowerment sets Zoop Wallet apart in an increasingly data-centric world.

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