A Tribute to Mothers: Insights from Top Health Professionals on Mother’s Day

New Delhi (India), May 10: On Mother’s Day, let’s pay homage to the unsung heroes of our lives—the mothers whose unwavering love, sacrifice, and nurturing spirit shape the very fabric of our existence. As we celebrate this special day dedicated to mothers worldwide, we turn to the insights and reflections of top health professionals who intimately understand the profound impact of motherhood on both individual well-being and broader societal health. Their perspectives offer a poignant tribute to the tireless efforts of mothers everywhere and illuminate the crucial role they play in fostering the health and happiness of families and communities.

1. Ashu Gupta – Dietician, Master’s in Dietetics, Certified Metabolic Balance coach from Germany, Member of Indian Dietetic Association & NNHS Author of “My Weight Loss Cook Book”, Founder – Ashu Gupta’s Diet Clinic, Gurgaon

Celebrating the Journey of Dietitian Ashu Gupta from motherhood to mentorship is a testament to her unwavering commitment to promoting holistic well-being. Founder of Ashu Gupta Diet Clinic in Gurgaon, her passion for nutrition began in her own kitchen, nurturing her daughters with wholesome meals. Her belief in enjoying life while making healthy choices sets her apart, earning her prestigious awards like the Best Dietician Award. Recognized for her contributions, Ashu Gupta’s clinic is a trusted haven for those seeking guidance on weight management and lifestyle disorders. Over 70% of her clientele comes through referrals, a testament to the trust and credibility she has earned. Her research on affluent adolescents’ dietary habits is followed by esteemed institutions like AIIMS. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s honor Dietitian Ashu Gupta for her dedication to empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Her journey inspires us to embrace compassion, dedication, and the transformative power of positive change.

2. Dr. Barkha Chawla, Consultant Pediatrician and Developmental Pediatrician at Surya Hospitals Chembur, Mumbai

In the spirit of celebrating Mother’s Day, Dr. Barkha Chawla, a distinguished Developmental pediatrician practising at Surya Hospitals, Chembur in Mumbai, lends her insightful perspective to honor the pivotal role of mothers in nurturing the health and well-being of children. With years of dedicated practice, Dr. Chawla has become a trusted figure in the medical community, renowned for her compassionate care and expertise in pediatric health. As she reflects on her professional journey, Dr. Chawla emphasizes the profound influence of maternal instincts on child development and healthcare decisions. Through her work, she strives to empower mothers with knowledge and support, recognizing their innate capacity to provide the best possible start in life for their children. Dr. Chawla’s tribute underscores the invaluable partnership between healthcare professionals and mothers in safeguarding the health and happiness of future generations.

3. Khyati Rupani, Post-Graduation Degree in Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Service Management from IHMCTAN, Panellist of Early Childhood Association (ECA), and Founder of Balance Nutrition, Mumbai.

Khyati Rupani, a leading nutritionist and founder of Balance Nutrition, is renowned for her unique approach to reverse critical clinical conditions like PCOS, cancer, and more. She started her career as the youngest Chief Dietician at Lilavati Hospital and has authored “Getting Rid of Obesity” at the age of 23. Her journey of motherhood has been nothing short of an inspiration for those around her. She has proven that with the right nutrition and lifestyle management, anything is possible. Her 14-year-old daughter Trissha is a miracle child, as Khyati not only battled PCOS, but also lost 40 kgs to conceive her naturally. Khyati says “During Trissha’s formative years from infancy, I used all my nutrition knowledge on her food, never used baby food, but had my own recipes and formulas. The results are incredible as Trissha is above average in height, mental capabilities and overall fitness.” Today we honour and celebrate Khyati Rupani as her journey of motherhood is truly inspiring. Cheers to Khyati, a mother, a nutritionist, and an inspiration to us all!

4. Priya Mittal, Dietician & Nutritionist at Zenith Diet Clinic, Ghaziabad

In tribute to the enduring spirit of motherhood, we journey alongside esteemed health professionals, with Priya Mittal shining brightly among them as a beacon of wisdom in nutrition. Priya’s advocacy for holistic maternal health emphasizes the paramount importance of balanced nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, encouraging the consumption of nutrient-rich foods to optimize maternal and fetal well-being. Her practical guidance includes integrating leafy greens, lean proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids into daily meals. Beyond diet, Priya champions holistic wellness practices such as physical activity, stress management, and the cultivation of support networks for mothers. She empowers mothers through educational initiatives, promoting health literacy and proactive health management, advocating for preventive healthcare measures and regular wellness screenings. As we conclude this transformative journey, Priya Mittal’s insights, alongside those of her esteemed colleagues, illuminate a path of vitality, resilience, and empowered well-being for mothers worldwide.

5. Dr. Priya Parekh- MBBS Aesthetic Physician, Beautyesthetics, Pune, Maharashtra

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day from Beautyesthetics! Motherhood embodies a profound journey of love and sacrifice, honoring moms everywhere—at home, at work, and in all walks of life. At Beautyesthetics, we understand the importance of prioritizing maternal wellness, recognizing that mothers often place their care last. With anemia being prevalent among women in India, we urge mothers to address commonly overlooked symptoms like fatigue and hair fall. Our tailored health and beauty packages aim to make every mom feel cherished and supported. Join us in empowering mothers with regular skin, hair care, and wellness checks by Dr. Priya Parekh and our dedicated team. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate and uplift mothers, enabling them to reclaim their vitality and confidence, because when a mom thrives, so does her family.

6. Reena Chopra: MA Psychology (Child Psychologist), Founder of SAAR Holistic Wellness, Chandigarh

As a child psychologist deeply engaged in the realm of child development, I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable influence mothers wield in shaping the holistic well-being of their children. Throughout every stage, from infancy to adolescence, mothers serve as the primary nurturers, guiding their children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth. I pay homage to mothers and delve into the multifaceted ways their love, guidance, and support contribute to fostering holistic child development. They provide emotional nurturing, laying the groundwork for resilience, stimulating cognitive development, sparking curiosity and creativity, and facilitating socialization, nurturing relationships and empathy. Additionally, mothers offer holistic support, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of their children. Undoubtedly, mothers are the unsung heroes of child development, whose tireless dedication and unwavering love profoundly impact the lives of their children. This Mother’s Day and every day, let us celebrate and honor the invaluable role mothers play in nurturing holistic child development.

7. Roshni Ahirekar, Dietician – B.sc specialised in Dietetics from S.N.D.T University, Santacruz, Mumbai

Dietician Roshni Ahirekar brings valuable insights from her extensive experience since 2008, Roshni has worked at renowned establishments like Zynova Heart Hospital and Priti Slim Clinic across Mumbai. Despite familial responsibilities, Roshni pursued freelancing in Navi Mumbai, managing her roles as a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law single-handedly. Her advice to women emphasizes prioritizing health and well-being amidst busy schedules. Roshni advocates for wholesome homemade meals over processed foods, emphasizing the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet. She recommends incorporating fruits, whole grains, and regular physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage stress. Regular health check-ups are also essential, even when feeling healthy. Roshni’s message resonates with all women, encouraging them to prioritize self-care, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and cherish moments with loved ones.

8. Dr. Ruchika Grover, MBBS, DNB, ENT Surgeon at Medicaid Hospital and Critical Care Centre Amritsar, Punjab 

“The hand that rocks the cradle can also rock the boardroom!” This quote epitomizes the multifaceted roles of healthcare professional mothers, who navigate demanding careers with unparalleled commitment and diligence. Despite their formidable success, they bear the weight of dual responsibilities – managing homes, children, and professional obligations. In Indian society, the onus of childcare primarily falls on mothers, adding to their already challenging balancing act. Yet, their unwavering dedication and precision in managing both spheres are commendable. Time management, discipline, resilience, and leadership become indispensable in their demanding lifestyles, where setbacks and gender biases persist. However, their unmatched instinct and perseverance propel them forward, overcoming hurdles to achieve their aspirations. These women represent the epitome of literacy, strength, and hard work, evidenced by research showing that children of such mothers excel in self-reliance and life skills. Society owes them support and respect, recognizing their invaluable contributions as both mothers and healthcare professionals.

9. Ruhi Rajput, Founder of Naturecurebyruhi, Delhi NCR

Ruhi Rajput, the founder of Naturecure, is renowned as one of the best dieticians in Delhi NCR, revolutionizing nutrition by advocating sustainable eating habits tailored to individual bodies through personalized diet programs. With a profound belief in the innate healing power of nature, Ruhi specializes in gut health and hormones, viewing them as pivotal for optimal health and weight management. Armed with a PG Diploma in Human Nutrition from ICI, Australia, a fellowship in Clinical Nutrition, and certification as an Ayurvedic Dietetics Nutritionist, Ruhi’s expertise is unmatched. As a mother of two boys, she embraces her role as a mompreneur, striving to instil gender equality values in her children by exemplifying balanced responsibilities both at home and in the business realm. Her guiding principle of consistency drives her through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of resilience and self-care amidst professional and personal demands.

10. Saumya Sharan, Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Gurgaon

“It takes a village to raise a child” – and when the community doesn’t come together to support the mother, it impacts the entire society. On this International Mother’s Day, let’s become a part of the village, as we support our mothers and their Mental Health journey by being part of a system that nourishes rather than depletes. This nourishment can take the form of flexibility and freedom at the workplace, access to adequate and good quality Mental Health resources, community-based programs and workshops designed to nurture their well-being, grass root level policy changes that support them personally and professionally and being a society that collectively works on showing up for Mothers. As for Mothers, it’s important to fill your cup, focus on your Mental Fitness, reach out for help when things get overwhelming, ask for support when needed and remind yourself that there is nothing known as a perfect parent, it needs to be about striving to be ‘good enough’. 

11. Dr. Shreyasi Sharma, Founder & Director of Fetal Medicine & Genetics Centre, Gurgaon

Joy of giving reflects motherhood. There is nothing more unconditional than experiencing motherhood. Mother’s Day is celebrated once a year but for us, every day is Mother’s Day. At Fetal Medicine and Genetics Centre, we see mothers who go through an eventless pregnancy and mothers who go through inexplicable struggles and we salute the indomitable spirit of all such mothers who are willing to nurture even the faintest hope. We see the joy, the care, the expectations, the dreams, the disappointment, the hope and the myriad of untellable emotions in the journey of a mother and we are proud to walk the distance with every emotion. Be it a simple scan to a level 2 scan to complex fetal interventions, with sincerity we live the emotion with the mothers all the while striving to induce hope and happiness. The only intention is to see the million-watt smile on the face of the mother when she holds her child in her arms.

12. Simran Saini, Clinical Nutrition and Weight management Counsellor, Meditation Master & Founder at Simran’s Perfect Slim Solutions, Pitampura, Delhi

Very Humbly yet happily, I would like to share my journey as a mother of 3 adorable kids and the Founder of Simran’s Perfect Slim Solutions. Over the years I have helped numerous people through their fitness journey through my nutritional counselling. I always counsel mothers to prioritise their health along with taking care of their loved ones since they work as the foundation of a family. It is sometimes challenging to balance your time judiciously between your kids and your work or patients but with the help and support of my family and the grace of Almighty, I have seen success and appreciation at both ends. Being a mother makes me feel more complete and stronger and helps me in my emotional well-being, and being a Professional helps me retain my individual identity and confidence which is very important for every woman.

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