Ajita Shah Launches Global Program Becoming Unlimited in Mumbai and Bangalore

Mumbai (Maharashtra)/Bangalore (Karnataka), [India]: June 14: Mumbai and Bangalore are set to welcome the groundbreaking program “Becoming Unlimited,” spearheaded by renowned global authority on healing, self-development, and spiritual growth, Ajita Shah. The program kicks off on June 30, 2024, promising transformative experiences for high achievers, entrepreneurs, founders, and seekers.

Ajita Shah explains the essence of “Becoming Unlimited”: “It’s geared towards those ready to transform every aspect of their life from the inside out. This program is for those who are ready to say YES to effortless wealth, purpose, health, love, and healing while becoming the empowered creators of their own life.”

Ajita emphasizes that life experiences often lead to emotions and negative experiences that create anger, fear, stress, powerlessness, and guilt, which get stored in one’s energy field and subconscious mind. “If one’s energy field is overflowing with negativity, it becomes nearly impossible to allow the ‘positive’ in. Without addressing these hidden barriers, living a life of joy and fulfillment is very difficult,” she adds.

“Becoming Unlimited” is designed to help individuals rise above their current situations and create the life they truly desire. The program focuses on addressing wounding, trauma, beliefs, and consciousness to unlock one’s limitless potential.

Ajita, with degrees in Child Development and Psychology, has expanded her practice into spiritual healing and teaching. Over the past 30+ years, she has established herself as a prominent international figure, helping numerous individuals achieve massive breakthroughs in health, career, financial struggles, and relationship patterns, unlocking their full potential and experiencing a paradigm shift in overall wellbeing.

After completing her postgraduate studies in Counselling Psychology, Ajita set up her practice but soon realized that merely working with the mind was limiting and failed to provide comprehensive results. This led her to pioneer Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing (HIIH), an unconventional model of recovery. HIIH combines principles of Human Behavior, Consciousness, Universal Principles, and Shah’s innate healing abilities, working with the mind, body, and soul simultaneously and integratively, bringing about 360-degree healing and problem-solving.

Ajita helps expand the potential within every person to live an extraordinary life and manifest their deepest desires. Her approach provides early relief from immediate issues while working on a holistic, long-term strategy for incremental and permanent transformation. 

She is on a mission to shift from a mind-centered life dominated by materialism, science, and technology to a heart-centered way of life, connecting individuals with their core selves and purpose, fostering harmony and peace within that radiates outward to positively impact families, friends, colleagues, and the world at large.

Ajita Shah who lives in North America, employs a variety of techniques and tools, including energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, introspection, and shadow work. She founded The School of Holistic Healing, through which she conducts numerous programs in personal, business, and spiritual development. 

Ajita actively shares her knowledge on Instagram (@theajitashah) and her website (ajitashah.com), where her passion for relief from suffering is evident. “My vision is to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of healing and spiritual growth to achieve relief from suffering while sharing tools, techniques, and ancient wisdom to get them on the path to happiness and success,” she states.

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