By the Surat Obstetric and Gynecological Society

“The purpose of this national-level conference is to provide information and skills on modern and scientific approaches to women’s healthcare,” Dr. Praful Doshi stated.

Surat (Gujarat) (India) July 10 : ‘Surat Obstetric and Gynecological Society’ in the city  arranged a three-day “FOGSI Presidential Conference”  from July 5th to 7th, 2024, at Hotel Le Meridien on Dumas Road,surat

This conference featured 90 expert doctors specializing in various fields, conducting workshops, panel discussions, and seminars to provide information and skills on useful modern and scientific methods in women’s healthcare management. Over 500 gynecologists from across the country, including Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Kerala, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh participated in this conference.

When providing information about this conference, Dr. Praful Doshi, the President of FOGSI Surat Chapter, mentioned that in the field of medical sciences, advancements and experiments are constantly happening to facilitate patient care quickly and effectively., The purpose of this national level conference was to provide information about such useful modern, technology-based, and scientific methods in the management of women’s healthcare. During the conference held from July 5th, separate workshops were organized on various topics. Among them, (1) high-definition live laparoscopic surgery was transmitted to Hotel Le Meridian from Universal Hospital on Ring Road, Majura Gate.(2) Another topic covered methods for controlling and managing Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) occurring after childbirth through training using models. (3) third topic covered ultrasonography by doctors from Hyderabad and Chennai who demonstrated how to differentiate uterine diseases.

Dr. Doshi further mentioned that a few years ago in the country, the mortality rate during childbirth was approximately 800 to 900 per 100,000 patients. With advancements in medical science and the availability of modern technology for healthcare, this number has successfully been reduced to 150-200 per 100,000 patients. This workshop proved to be very useful and informative for gynecologists and undergraduate/postgraduate students, providing valuable guidance.

The conference also featured  organising chairperson Dr.Nimish Shelat, Organizing Secretary Dr. Arpit Vachhani, Dr. Darshan Vadekar, Dr. Rozy Ahya, Treasurer Dr. Dipti Patel, Dr. Narendra Vaghela, Dr. Anita Shah, Dr. Prakash Bhatt, and Dr. Asha Bhatt among other doctors who provided various insights.

It is noteworthy that FOGSI is the largest organization globally with around 44,000 member doctors. The Presidential Conference of FOGSI held in Surat was attended by prominent figures including FOGSI president Dr. Jaydeep Tank, Secretary Dr. Madhuri Patel, and South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology (SAFOG) Chief Dr. Shyam Desai. The conference also included cultural program by various doctors alongside the inauguration ceremony. The event saw collaboration from pharmaceutical companies.


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